I’m an Assistant Professor of English at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. My research and teaching interests include early and nineteenth-century US, Black, and ethnic literatures and cultures and critical race and ethnic studies.

As a literary and cultural studies scholar, I’m broadly interested in the violence of racial capitalism in US literatures and cultures. My work primarily deals with how violence arises out of and impacts capitalist social relations and ideological production, especially as it relates to notions of selfhood, ownership, and state power across the long nineteenth century.

Right now, I’m at work on my first book project, At All Costs: Extralegal Violence and Liberal Democracy in US Culture, which examines extralegal violence not as a lawless force that threatened US liberal-democratic governance but instead as emerging from and further entrenching the conditions that governance set.

My work appears in CallalooNineteenth-Century Literature, and Studies in American Naturalism, and my edited collection, Reading Confederate Monuments, is out now with the University Press of Mississippi.